Company profile



EyeCare was dedicated to the professional eyewear industrial for more than 3 decades.

Start from the mold making department, EyeCare has followed the Japanese mold making skill and quality request as our standard. Every detail of the mode can make huge difference of the injection quality, and what we pursuing is perfection.


In 2003, with outstanding mold development skill, we established the design department and oversea sales department to provide the one stop service for our customers. We realize that we need to provide our customers not only the good quality products, but also the most stylish ones.


We’ve designed over 3000 patterns and this number keeps increasing promptly. Our pattern categories have great diversity related to lifestyle and some from special customized designs.


Our customers are now over 20 countries and we’ve became internationally recognized as an outstanding quality eyewear manufacturer.


Being awarded by international certifications: ISO9001:2009, FDA, CE and more, our good quality is without question.